Allez les bleus!

With the world cup approaching just next summer, it was only appropriate that we attended a qualifier game. The last time I was in Europe, it was  the summer of 2014 and the world cup was going on, but I never actually got to see a game. The ambiance centered around the world cup is something that is so uplifting and positive. Even though we obviously aren’t French, we couldn’t help but to put lots of passion and energy into cheering for the country that we have called home for the last two months. The stadium was huge and a lot more modern that I thought it would be. It was located just outside of Paris in an area that looked similar to parts of the US…it was a weird feeling. We grabbed a burger and bought an official scarf before entering …yey! (I’ve always wanted one of these!) We went along with all the crowds which were singing “La Marseillaise” as we entered the Stadium. We had amazing seats and they gave us French flags that we could wave around. In my opinion, the mood and atmosphere is a lot more fun than football games in America. Also, I think the game was much more entertaining because it was shorter…American football games tend to be like four hours. When someone would score a goal, the crowd would go crazy and it was fun to watch the players celebrate their accomplishment. Since “le foot” is a lower scoring game, it just seemed to be a bigger deal when the French would score a goal. Happily, the French came up with the win against Belarus! It will be a night I will always remember!

-Anna Comer

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