Un weekend à Burgundy

During one of our first weekends here we took a group trip to Burgundy, a countryside town just an hour away from Paris. Still exhausted from our first weeks in a busy city, it was refreshing to retreat into a calmer environment and see some new sights. We don’t have class on Fridays, so we were able to leave that morning to tour the town of Dijon, famous for its mustard! We saw the local cathedral, walked past countless boutiques, and touched the “chouette” (French for a female owl) which allegedly gives you a vision if you touch it with your left hand. The next day was full of activity. We got an early start and toured the Musee Zervos, a small modern art museum. After lunch (escargots, ratatoullie, boeuf borgogne, and the like), we traveled to a vineyard for a wine tasting. We got a great lesson on distinguishing different qualities of wine, and then got to taste several for ourselves! The next day we toured Vézelay, a tiny rural town famous for its medieval churches. Our tour guide showed us what it would be like to be pilgrims during the crusades by taking us underground to places where they could spend the night. While the town receives millions of visitors each year, Vézelay is only home to about 400 people – mostly those who work in the church. Looking out onto the French countryside during such beautiful weather made me wish for an afternoon visit to Greensview! My personal favorite part of this weekend was stumbling upon a huge outdoor market where I bought a handmade scarf and a big bag of dried apricots.

-Gretchen Steele

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